What you will learn with this Book

You'll learn how the seven stages of dealing with grief can help you get through a divorce.

Shock and Denial

Learn how to deal with the 20-ton nuclear bomb has detonated in your life, find ways to actually accept it, and stop denying it.

Pain and Guilt

Handling the hurt that comes in waves, washing over you at inconvenient, very public moments as well as the accompanying guilt.

Anger and Bargaining

Learning to deal with the wrath, rage, fury and bargaining that are common responses to sudden drastic changes in people’s lives.


Working through the experience that makes you feel like you’re living in a deep dark hole, a bombed out crater filled with wreckage of your past life.

The Upward Turn

Getting a handle on yourself and starting to make better choices, so a light washes over the darkness in your life.

Reconstruction and Working Through

This is the heavy lifting part of the process that involves reframing your challenges, changing your thinking around what stands between you and your goals, and reexamining the demise of your relationship.